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As a language model (ChatGPT), I don’t have personal preferences or experiences, but I can provide a list of 10 best restaurants in Prague based on reviews and ratings from various travel websites:

  1. La Degustation – This Michelin-starred restaurant offers an elegant dining experience with a focus on traditional Czech cuisine.
  2. Mlýnec – Located in the heart of Prague, this restaurant offers modern Czech cuisine with a stunning view of the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.
  3. Field – This Michelin-starred restaurant focuses on using local and seasonal ingredients to create inventive and delicious dishes.
  4. Eska – This popular restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere and serves modern Czech cuisine with a focus on wood-fired cooking.
  5. Sansho – This Asian-fusion restaurant offers a unique and delicious dining experience with dishes that blend traditional Asian flavors with local ingredients.
  6. CottoCrudo – This Italian-inspired restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience with a focus on high-quality ingredients and impeccable service.
  7. Café Savoy – This classic Viennese-style café and restaurant offers a range of traditional Czech and European dishes in an elegant setting.
  8. Lokál – This popular chain of restaurants offers traditional Czech cuisine in a casual and lively atmosphere.
  9. T-Anker – Located on the rooftop of a shopping center, this restaurant offers stunning views of the city along with a menu of international and Czech dishes.
  10. SaSaZu – This Asian-fusion restaurant offers a lively atmosphere and a range of dishes inspired by Thai, Vietnamese, and other Asian cuisines.

These are just a few of the many great restaurants that Prague has to offer. Whatever your tastes and preferences, you’re sure to find something delicious and memorable in this vibrant and exciting city.

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