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Oman has a rich and diverse culinary scene that combines traditional Omani cuisine with Arabic, Indian and African influences. Here are some typical Omani dishes and drinks worth trying:

Omani Food:

Shuwa: A traditional Omani dish prepared by cooking meat (often goat or mutton) together with various spice mixtures. Shuwa is usually prepared on special occasions.

Majboos: This dish prepared with spices, rice and meat (often chicken or fish) is very popular in Oman. It is often accompanied by vegetables and nuts.

Harees: This is a thick, mushy dish made from wheat or barley, mixed with meat (often poultry or beef) and spices. It is often served during the month of Ramadan.



Omani Halwa: This sweet dessert, known as Halwa, is made with sugar, raisins, cloves and various nuts. It is a popular dish for festive occasions and visits.

Omani Drinks:

Kahwa: Traditional Omani coffee, known as Kahwa, is an aromatic drink made with cardamom. It is often served at gatherings and special occasions.

Laban: This is a common buttermilk drink that is popular in the hot climate of Oman. Laban is refreshing and is often served as an accompaniment to traditional meals.

Jalab: A sweet drink made from grape syrup, rose water and date syrup, Jalab is a popular drink, especially during the month of Ramadan.

Aab Hosaf: This drink is prepared by macerating dried fruits such as apricots or grapes in spiced water. It is a traditional and refreshing alternative to the usual drinks.

Omani cuisine offers a wide variety of flavours and aromas, and exploring the local food and drink is an essential part of travelling in this fascinating country.

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