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Zakynthos is renowned for its beaches, each one offering a unique experience for its visitors. Let’s dive deeper into some of the best beaches on the island:

  1. Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach)
    • Description: Perhaps the most iconic of all Zakynthos’ beaches, Navagio Beach is surrounded by steep cliffs, creating a secluded cove. In the center lies the rusty wreck of a ship, which only adds to the beach’s mystique. The combination of white sand, crystal clear waters, and the dramatic shipwreck make it a must-visit.
    • Activities: Mostly visited by boat trips, it’s a fantastic location for photography and relaxation.
  2. Gerakas Beach
    • Description: This protected beach is a nesting ground for the endangered loggerhead sea turtles. Its golden sands and azure waters are gently sloping, making it family-friendly.
    • Activities: Swimming, sunbathing, and wildlife watching. Note that there are restrictions during nesting season to protect the turtles.
  3. Xigia Beach
    • Description: A smaller, pebbled beach known for its sulfuric waters, believed to have therapeutic properties. The waters here are rich in collagen, making it popular for those seeking natural skin treatments.
    • Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, and natural spa treatments.
  4. Laganas Beach
    • Description: One of the longest beaches on the island, Laganas is a sandy beach that forms part of the National Marine Park.
    • Activities: Popular for party-goers, it offers a plethora of beach bars and water sports activities.
  5. Banana Beach
    • Description: A sandy, organized beach with a lively atmosphere. It’s one of the most popular on the island, equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, and beach bars.
    • Activities: Jet skiing, paragliding, banana boat rides, and beach volleyball.
  6. Porto Limnionas
    • Description: While not a sandy beach, this bay offers deep blue waters surrounded by impressive rock formations. It’s more of a lagoon and is ideal for those who prefer a tranquil setting.
    • Activities: Snorkeling, diving, and enjoying the panoramic views from the adjacent tavernas.
  7. Alykes Beach
    • Description: A family-friendly beach with golden sands and calm waters. Alykes offers a range of amenities and is named after the nearby salt pans.
    • Activities: Watersports, boat rentals, and horse riding along the coast.
  8. Agios Nikolaos Beach (St. Nicholas Beach)
    • Description: Located near Vasilikos, this beach offers both relaxation and adventure. With its clear waters and golden sands, it’s a favorite for many.
    • Activities: Scuba diving, pedal boating, jet skiing, and paragliding.

Each beach on Zakynthos has its own charm, catering to different tastes – from the adventurer to the relaxation-seeker. With such diverse offerings, the beaches of Zakynthos truly provide a piece of paradise for every beach lover.

There is usually good access to the beaches. The island can be circumnavigated by car, but you can also go by boat. There are a lot of options. Thanks to the fact that the island is not very big, everything can be done in a few days.

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