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Friends and acquaintances ask me what to do in Dubai. Here’s a quick summary, as soon as I have time I’ll break it down.

Night Fountain and Laser Show at Burj Khalifa – it will be crowded, but you can’t avoid it.

Dubai Frame – the “view” of Dubai, the cool thing is that they have a blackout floor, so when you walk across it, it looks like there is no floor 😀 My wife hated it 🙂

Butterfly Garden – it’s nice, but not a must.

Dubai Aquarium with tunnel – it’s in a mall (Dubai Mall) so shopping + something to see 😀



Dubai Gold Souk, Spice Souk – their marketplace…you can then arrange to visit the hidden rooms with handbags/shoes at reasonable prices 😀 A little peek into the life of the locals, but there will be plenty of tourists there.

La Mer – beach + cool promenade, best in the evening

City Walk – restaurants, shops

Kite Beach – we went there most of the time, nice sandy beach and food place etc.

Dubai Marina – makes sense in the evening, but you’ll see if you have time.

Food + Drink: % ARABICA – chain of cafes, SALT Kite Beach (salt is a burger chain, but Kite Beach is fine), Operation Falafel – fastfood, but terribly good (Zataar 😀 wraps etc..)

For a day trip, I see it the same way for the main things – Burj, Dubai Mall, Aquarium, Dubai Souk 🙂

Image by diana.grytsku on Freepik

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